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best dentist in Tulsa OKWelcome to the home of Tulsa Dentist, the premier dental office in Tulsa Oklahoma. Our savvy dental team provide the highest quality dental healthcare from our state-of-the-art office, and offer it at a price you can afford.

The importance of regularly visiting the dentist in Tulsa is well known, but a great many never get around to scheduling a dental appointment. Fear is the reason most frequently cited for avoiding proper treatment. We are one dentist in Tulsa OK that recognizes that fact, which is why we do everything we can to ensure your appointment at our dental practice is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Being The Best Tulsa Dentist Is Our Goal

Part of the way we do that is to eliminate all stress causing elements in our practice. The staff is friendly, the environment is comfortable, and the dentists are experts. Whether we are performing a teeth cleaning, or giving you an in-office tooth whitening treatment, restoring a cavity with a dental filling, or performing more advanced cosmetic dentistry Tulsa patients receive the highest standard of dental care. Whatever your oral health needs, we pledge to treat you with the respect and the kindness you deserve. We know most clients have very busy schedules, and therefor have designed our dental practice to reduce your wait times to a minimum. Our entire staff share that feeling, and vow to place you, our patient, first in their minds.

Cosmetic Dentistry Specialists

One area of dentistry we excel at is cosmetic dental treatments. Our dentists are highly trained in the latest cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, and have the skills and experience necessary to give you the smile of your dreams. Here are some of our cosmetic treatments.

Dental Implants In Tulsa

One area of specialty for us is dental implants. We use a dental implant to attach a crown, bridge, or other dental device. The bridge is implanted in the bone of your jaw to create a solid foundation for the replacement tooth or teeth. With a quality dental implant we can replace missing teeth and restore the beautiful smile you once had. Our expert dentists have extensive experience with all manner if implants, and are known for delivering beautiful results. If you need a Tulsa dental implant, and want it done right, contact us today.

Porcelain Veneers In Tulsa

Getting the perfect smile is not always the easiest adventure to take. It requires a lot of patience and care on the part of the patient and dentist. Instead of getting braces, many contemporary patients are getting porcelain veneers. These are able to get the desired cosmetic appearance one desires in a shorter period compared to braces. Let’s take a glance at what porcelain veneers are all about.

Porcelain Veneer Basics

After the pros at DentistTulsa.us have made an assessment of your smile, they will make recommendations as to how many porcelain veneers will suffice. They generally work in multiples of twos in order to get balanced results.

These veneers are made out of porcelain and go over a neatly shaped tooth after which they are cemented into place. These are custom made solutions that are able to provide those aesthetic results that one has been craving for years.

Installing A Porcelain Veneer

The first appointment will be the initial consultation and series of x-rays to assess the dental condition in front of the dentist. All recommendations and pricing will be fixed in this appointment.

The second appointment sees the dentist take further x-rays if required and start giving injections to numb the teeth. This is where the temporary veneers will be fitted and all impressions will be taken to carve out proper porcelain veneers. The final appointment will see the veneers cemented into place after showing the patient how they look.

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

There are many advantages to getting these veneers and one of them is their aesthetic quality. The teeth will look as real as possible and that is essential for patients. The process is quicker than any other option out there such as braces. The color and shape can be matched down to a tee in accordance with the patient’s requirements.

Veneer Disadvantages

No dental process is flawless and here are a few disadvantages with this process too. One of the disadvantages comes in the form of the pricing as it can cost around $1000 per tooth. This is significant for most patients and takes a lot out of one’s budget.

The procedure is permanent and there is no going back after it has been done in terms of regaining one’s original tooth. For some, the idea of having artificial teeth is risky especially when there are side effects involved in the form of teeth sensitivity. These veneer processes are constantly evolving and most are lasting well over 15-20 years.

Dental Crowns In Tulsa

A cosmetic dentist can transform the appearance of your teeth from stained, crooked and chipped to straight, white and even. One of the most common procedures performed by cosmetic dentists is tooth whitening. However, sometimes teeth are so badly stained that it is impossible to remove the stains and restore the whiteness of the enamel and the dentist will recommend a crown, or cap, to cover the tooth.

What are dental crowns?

A is placed like a cap over a natural tooth to fully encase the visible portion of a tooth, and cemented into place to restore the size, shape, or strength of a tooth, and to improve the appearance of the tooth.

Why have a dental crown fitted?

There are a number of reasons for getting dental crowns. The include:

  1. For protection and strength
  2. Tooth decay can cause a tooth to become weak and brittle. A dental crown can protect the tooth by holding it together and prevent the tooth from breaking.

  3. Restore and cover
  4. Severely worn and already broken teeth can be restored by covering them with a dental crown.

  5. Cover and support
  6. When a tooth has been filled repeatedly and most of the tooth consists of filling material, a dental crown will cover and support the little that is left.

  7. To support a dental bridge and hold it in place.
  8. As the second stage to cover the base of a dental implant.
  9. As a cover for severely misshapen or discolored teeth.
  10. In cosmetic dentistry as a cosmetic modification.
Types of dental crowns

Permanent dental crowns are available in:

– Stainless steel
– Metal (gold or other alloys)
– Porcelain (fused to metal)
– Resin
– Ceramic

Temporary crowns can serve as a temporary restoration while a permanent crown is being constructed in a laboratory. Temporary crowns can be made in the dentist’s rooms and are made of stainless steel or acrylic.

Dental crowns may be used for children for primary, or baby teeth, to save a tooth which has been severely damaged by tooth decay and cannot support a filling. Dental crowns for children can also help protect primary teeth that are at high risk for tooth decay in cases where a child is unable to adhere to oral hygiene, for example physically handicapped children. A pediatric dentist will recommend and fit stainless steel crowns in such cases.

Dental Fillings In Tulsa

It is important that people do everything possible to take care of their health, including proper oral hygiene. If any issues arise, it is vital that they are addressed as quickly as possible. In the case of cavities, this means that a patient should have fillings as soon as it is discovered.

Even when someone brushes and flosses on a regular basis, it is possible for them to develop a cavity. This is why dentists recommend going in for a check up every six months. During the appointment, your teeth will be assessed for cavity formation. If is it found early, the dentist may even be able to buff off the damaged area.

However, it is usually necessary to get dental fillings to fix the problem. During the appointment, the dentist will begin by numbing the area. The needle used to do this can be uncomfortable but, it will save the patient from experiencing pain during the procedure.

The dentist will then use a drill to remove all of the damaged parts of the tooth. It is best if the patient simply relax and focus on breathing during this time. The dental assistant will have a small vacuum to remove any saliva buildup.

They will then determine which shade of filling best matches the tooth. The dentist will use various tools to fill and shape the tooth. When satisfied, the team will use a special light to set the material. Sometimes, the dentist may recommend that a crown be used to cover the tooth, generally if the cavity was large or the tooth has experienced multiple fillings.

Going to the dentist and having proper oral care is essential to good health. If you have a cavity, make an appointment to get it filled as soon as possible.

Dental Cleanings In Tulsa

Dental cleaning is one of the most vital procedures in dentistry. If plaque is not removed regularly, many dental issues will occur, such as gingivitis and periodontal diseased. Dental cleaning also prevents the likelihood of cavities forming in you teeth. While people regularly brush and floss their teeth, dental hygienists remove tartar using specialized devices.

Finding Issues Before They Worsen

Dental hygienists are equipped with everything needed to clean your teeth thoroughly. Their close examination of your teeth makes it easier for them to identify potential problems. Early detection can help prevent them from becoming serious issues. They also do a thorough inspection of your gums as well as your teeth. They check for cavities periodically. Along with this, they can use certain tests to establish if periodontal disease is forming or not. They will bring these and any other issues, such as abnormal enamel wear or teeth grinding, to the attention of your regular dentist.

Locating A Reasonably Priced Dental Hygienist

Searching for affordable hygienists near you is very easy. Many hygienists have advertisements around the internet, and often offer discounts for liking their Facebook page. Even though the internet makes finding hygienists relatively simple, you should also take into consideration their reputation. It is wise to ask relations or acquaintances which hygienists they have gone to, as they may provide information the web sites fail to mention. Once you have made your decision, scheduling a cleaning is incredibly important, as regular cleanings are indispensable when it comes to dental health.

Friendly Dentists In Tulsa, From Tulsa

dentist in TulsaI takes a terrific group of individuals to create a top dental office. A majority of our staff grew up in the greater Tulsa region, and adore the city and the people who live here. They realize what it means to be an Okie, and therefore know what local people are looking for in a dentist in Tulsa. The people from our neck of the woods are renowned as friendly, personable people, and those same traits are whey they expect to get when they come to the dentist. At DentistTulsa.us we pledge to provide you with thorough answers, reasonable pricing, and to treat you as we expect to be treated by others – with exceptional dental care. We look forward to seeing you here soon.

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